(COMmunicating VESsels)

installation, Design Museum London

Peroni, the famous Italian beer brand, commissioned a few artworks inspired by the recently launched “Piccola” bottle.

Draisci studio created COM-VES, working around the bottle shape, its glass materiality and its physical property of transmitting light, casting shadows and patterns like fresh Italian sea water.


The concept

In Physics,  “Communicating vessels” are containers systems that balance the level of liquid.

The Bottle is a “vessel” and we used it to “communicate” ideas

Convex is the outside shape of the bottle

Com-Ves sounds similar to Convex, like in a spelling mistake that an Italian can make while speaking English.


The object

A 2m linear row of bottles has been engraved and painted by hand with Barley and Hop motifs, ingredients of the Beer and rich graphic ornaments.

A thin LED fitting inserted through the bottles projects colourful shadows onto the wall as one linear Italian landscape painted by light.

Simple magic is expressed by the play of shadows and joyful colours.


video about the process

Design and production: Francesco Draisci, Rosalba Napolitano, Angelo Campagna, Dario Abbenante

Glass fabrication: Rainbow Glass Studios

Light: courtesy of Atrium ltd.

Photos: courtesy of Andrea Morgante and Jonathan Stokes


Special thanks to Andrea Morgante, Richard Paton and Patrick Lourie