Enoteca Turi

Enoteca Turi in London has an established reputation for excellence in wines and fine food.

Italy, as a physical and cultural territory, shaped by millennia of history is the restaurant reference, while transforming a fresh variety of seasonal ingredients into exquisite combinations for discerning palates.

When the client moved to their new Belgravia premises they had a list of priorities: excellent lighting, excellent acoustics, elegant and relaxed atmosphere that would not be intimidating.

Draisci Studio created a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the refurbished premises, evoking the textures of the sunny Italian landscapes that have always influenced food, culture and art.

The main dining room features a golden brick wall, translucent glazing and large fitted mirrors, to bring the outside-light into the depth of the plan. Soft wall projections, with a theme that changes every season, suggest the shadows of an Italian summer afternoon.

An installation of cork cut-outs of the geographic regions of Italy is displayed as a colourful, mysterious puzzle, floating in mid-air.

Lighting and acoustics have been carefully manipulated to maximize the comfort of the discerning customers: theatre-quality spotlights offer the flexibility of a dedicated illumination for each table, while discreet acoustic devices allow whispering conversations, even when the restaurant is full.


The Cellar Room

The restaurant has one of the most extensive Italian wine list in London, therefore it was very important to have enough  storage for the precious labels. At the same time, as important was to create an ambience that would have a wine library feel (the word “enoteca” means wine library in Italian).

A reflective black ceiling, punctuated by golden spotlights, defines the intimate and elegant environment of the unique private room. the ceiling and the walls give a sense of depth and adds incredible visual spaciousness.

Custom-made black shelves filled with wine bottles, consistently line the walls, complemented by lava-textured finishes, black fireplaces and mirrored niches that reveal unexpected perspectives, visually expanding the room beyond its physical limits.

A walk-in refrigerated cellar displays an extensive selection of fine wines. Open shelves feature abstract branches (finished in oak), while the multi-coloured bottle caps stored on the shelves reference abstract grapes, where wine originates from.


Deep black finishes have also been used for ancillary environments, where wall-size black and white photos of Italian photographers enrich spaces and corridors.


Design team: Stefania Ballero, Giulia Carlicchi, Francesco Draisci, Katerina Karachaliou Constantinos Kelpis, Rosalba Napolitano

Contractors: QProjects, Hanna Contracts

Structural Engineer: Foster Structures

Lighting Consultants: Pritchard Themis

Photos: Carlo Draisci, Morten Odden