home sweet home


“Brilliant” Feb-Apr. 2004, V&A London

Like a three dimensional architectural drawing, Home Sweet Home is an abstract environment built from lines and layers of light. Furnished with minimal objects defined only by their outline, this ‘home’ suggests the way in which our environment is addicted to electrical energy. The lines of thread crackle with energy like lasers when bathed in ultra-violet light, but they are fluffy and imperfect, pulled down by gravity. The installation is a play on lightness as well as light.

In different configurations and scale, this piece has been commissioned by and exhibited at:

The architecture Foundation at The Economist Building in 2000

V&A London (in the exhibition “Brilliant” Feb-Apr. 2004 curated  by Jane Pavitt)

National Glass Center (Sunderland, UK) 2005


Design development team: Ernesto Bartolini, Francesco Draisci, Ab Rogers, Takero Shimazaki

Client: Architecture Foundation (London), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), National Glass Center (Sunderland, UK)

Photography: Carlo Draisci, Robin Blackledge