100% design, Earls Court, London

Sometimes we give for granted one of greatest achievement of civilisation: running water into our homes.

Its flow starts very far away .We just choose the way to manage it by acting on some valves fixed to a sanitary fitting, colour of hygiene.

The bathroom environment acts as an interface to nature, to a minimal idea of it, where we find ourselves facing our own body presence.

NAKED is an installation project revolving around the experience of water flowing into an enclosed environment. A Bathroom environment merging with an indoor garden not for the future, but for a possible present.

The walls are the interface to nature. Organised but alive.

The room appears like a bathscape invaded by plants and flowers.

They grow between unfolding strips of Corian cladding; a consistent skin able to become.

Metamorphoses of the cladding into spouts and surfaces are ready to welcome water.

Different Dombracht valves are spread like jewels on the Corian “body”.

Water springs from the leafy walls as directly from rocks of artificial nature.

Some valves could be operated to provide the vital sap necessary to maintain this vegetal kingdom at domestic scale.

The scent and colour of flowers gives the sense of time and changing seasons.


Client: Corian® + Dornbracht

Location: 100% design, Earls Court, London

Status: Completed, 26-30 September 2002

Photography: Carlo Draisci