Berlin 2014
A temporary immersive installation was designed to transform completely the space of the Puro Sky Lounge on the 22nd floor of the iconic Europacenter in Berlin.
The design was developed in collaboration with onedotzero and consisted of 2km of tape, organised in 2 vivid colours, and arranged to create dynamic tension and optical effects that animated the whole environment.

Extruded letters spelling the marketing slogan were used as support for the products complementing the brand display.
The installation was part of a larger series of experience based events curated by onedotzero and commissioned by Nike for the launch of the Flyknit Lunar 2 collection of shoes.


Design team: Shane Walter, Francesco Draisci, Rosalba Napolitano, Angelo Campagna, Dario Abbenante

Realization: klebebande-berlin

Photos: Cristian Helmut Hasselbusch