Pink UP


We see flexible and loose fit designs allowing retail environments of the near future to be updated flexibly.

While most of the current shopping transactions are already carried out on line, the physical shops need to adapt to become the “temples of experience”, where people are able to engage with a sensuous environment, where to touch, smell and feel the beauty of the real world.

LG Hausys has commissioned Draisci Studio, known for its sculptural installation and innovative manipulation of materials, to create a feature stand that emphasises the fabrication potential and the new finishes of HI-MACS®.

Draisci Studio has taken this chance to explore an innovative retail concept, based on modules that can be flexibly rearranged to modify the layout of any shop. The idea is suitable for both pop-up and permanent retail environments.

The key idea is to adopt a premium durable material, that is robust and easy to maintain, so that the modules can be used and reused every time the shop needs to change layout or upgrade functional requirements.

The customisable system consists of open modules that can be used as benches, shelves, signage logos, hangers and counters.

The sensuous stand is only one of the many configurations and colours possibilities offered by the system.

The translucent pink open modules have soft edges that seem to curl in the wind.

A dynamic pink counter with a three-dimensionally formed white top sits in the middle of the space to welcome visitors that engage with the tactile surfaces.

Words spelling out the key properties of the material are a subtle reference to branded luxury.

Design and production team: Stefania Ballero, Francesco Draisci, Katerina Karachaliou, Rosalba Napolitano

Photos: ©Marcus Peel