RIBA visitor lounge at MIPIM UK 2015


Draisci Studio won a competition to design an eye-catching and vibrant visitor lounge occupying 200m² area in a prime position in the Olympia exhibition hall. The space embodied the partnership between the leading property show and the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The design evokes the world of architecture in the most open sense, from child’s construction play to the creation of large modular buildings.

Utilising flat-packed modular units made from honeycomb cardboard that are easy to assemble in a matter of hours, the temporary installation seamlessly combines spatial concerns, sculptural texture and colour, in a joyful environment.

Each module weighs approximately 1kg and is connected to other modules with dry joints.

No screws or nails have been used in the assemblage.

No construction waste has been produced after dismantling, since all the materials has been completely recycled…leaving behind only good memories!

Watch the set up of RIBA lounge

Watch the 3d scan of the environment

design and production team: Giulia Carlicchi, Francesco Draisci, Katerina Karachaliou, Rosalba Napolitano, Justas Silkauskas

consulting engineers: Techniker

cardboard fabrication: Dufaylite

furniture: Herman Miller

photos and video: Carlo Draisci, Morten Odding