Clerkenwell Design Week 19-21 May 2015

London Festival of Architecture 1-30 June 2015



Sleep is mysterious. It cannot be avoided, only delayed.

Could there be a future scenario in which a new typology of ‘public sleeping parlours’ populate our city streetscape?

Will the lack of night sleep for many, create a future generation of day-nappers?

Taking its name from the personification of sleep in Greek mythology, Hypnos features sleeping pods, consisting of colourful felt hammocks hanging from timber frames.

Guests are given a chance to withdraw from the hectic commotion of daily life and immerse in the pleasures of Suspended inactivity.

This multi-sensory and interactive installation, launched at Clerkenwell Design Week 2015, features an environment that respond to our ever increasing resistance to conventional patterns of rest and sleep.

Draisci Studio, Hassell and Sto Werkstatt have collaboratively investigated these ideas to create a narrative environment that addresses future sleeping concerns.

The result is a new furniture and space typology creating cloistered areas of rest in busy environments like offices, trade fairs, airports and …. future urban sleeperies.

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curation, design and production team: Antoine Pascal, Amy Croft, Anna Rank, Francesco Draisci, Giulia Carlicchi, , Kam Dhiman, Katerina Karachaliou, Rosalba Napolitano, Tiago Arieira

Engineers: Milk Structures

fabrication: Clockwork SceneryCamira Fabrics (Felt lamination)

Photos: Carlo Draisci, Edward Bishop