spring forest

It is an installation commissioned by Clerkenwell Design Week.

The brief called for a low-budget temporary intervention and resourceful use of sponsor Fulton Umbrellas to stimulate the 35.000 expected visitors crowd. Further challenge was the design ambition aimed at re-using each component after the event, minimising waste and leaving behind just good memories.

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Like giant poppy flowers (3.5m), a surreal red and pink forest of thin poles topped by 100 umbrellas, marked an urban-green spot (5m x 10m) in St James’ Church¬†Garden in Clerkenwell, offering shaded comfort, away from the city frantic pace.Symbolising urban transformation and the awakening of spring, red foam-clad scaffolding components formed a glamorous example of reversible public environment

Reversing the perception of umbrellas as symbols of British changing weather, this temporary architecture filtered the Spring light through the unusual canopy, creating an invigorating atmosphere for all visitors.

The open grid allowed social interaction as well as unexpected privacy. Celebrating the physical experience of their senses, visitors explored the poetic play of colour, shadow and light.


thanks to:

Caro Communications for spreading the voice

Clerkenwell Design Week for commissioning and supporting the work

Fulton Umbrellas for supplying wonderful umbrellas

MountAnvil for their sponsor


Design and Production: Draisci Studio (team: Francesco Draisci, Rosalba Napolitano, Arnaldo Tagliacozzo)

Engineering: Stephen Foster from Milk

Fabrication/Construction: Clockwork Scenery

Structure assembly: MTEC Scaffolding

Photography: Carlo Draisci